Oil filter equippedSeveral common faults of axial piston pum

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Oil filter equippedSeveral common faults of axial piston pum

Messagede yanyan » Mar 11 Aoû 2020 10:57

Axial piston pump in the long after the work, or improper operation and maintenance, often occur fault, hengyu hydraulic for you to briefly introduce a few common axial piston pump fault and cause analysis.

1, the output flow is not enough or no oil: high suction resistance or suction air; Poor axial force; Return spring or return disk damaged; There is dirt between the plate and the cylinder; Damage to plunger or plunger hole; The variable mechanism is not in the right position; Oil temperature is too high; Poor assembly.

2. No pressure increase or no pressure increase at all: the above mentioned flow insufficiency may cause; The variable mechanism is not well adjusted; Other reasons.

3, pump noise, pressure fluctuations: inhalation of air; Variable piston motion is not flexible; Triangle groove Angle is too small; The stiffness of variable mechanism is small; Sliding boots and ball head cooperate loose; Large leakage of variable mechanism.

4, pump heating, oil temperature rise is too high: plunger and plunger hole, valve plate and cylinder joint surface wear, leakage is large; The motion pair in the pump is severely worn and pulled, and the mechanical efficiency is low. Small eccentric pump or low working pressure; Large oil viscosity, small tank volume; Bearing wear and transmission strain.

5. Serious oil leakage (internal and external leakage) in the leaking pipe: the cylinder body and the distribution plate, the plunger and the plunger hole are worn; Variable piston wear, resulting in leakage; Joint seal damaged; The oil seal leaks oil.

6, the pump can not turn: the plunger stuck; Slippery boots fall off; The ball head is broken; Return disk rupture; The cylinder body is sintered with the plate;

7. Failure of variable mechanism: The circular surface of variable head bearing bush is seriously worn; Control oil channel blockage; The variable Viseca is dead; Control spool spring damage; Variable mechanism leakage

8. The fitting surface of the distribution plate and the cylinder body is worn or burned out: the oil is dirty; No oil in the pump when starting; The distributing disc is not hard enough; The cylinder body is of poor quality; High temperature and high pressure deformation of distribution plate; The coaxiality difference between the supporting hole in the pump shell and the transmission shaft; The fit clearance between cylinder block and bearing is too large; Transmission shaft spline mating clearance is too small; The distribution surface of the cylinder block is not perpendicular to the rotation center; Drive shaft bending; Oil trapped in the transition zone between high and low pressure of the distribution plate is serious.

9. Wear or burn out of slipper and swash plate fitting surface: oil pollution; Piston or slipper damping hole plug; Swash plate hardness or machining accuracy is not enough; The slipper shoulder thickness is not consistent; The static bearing precision of slipper surface is not enough; Plunger ball head plane is small
with filter element
The oil filter is equipped with automatic detection function of filter element pollution degree

Only when we realize the function of transformer oil filter, can we apply it to real life correctly. The oil filter tells you to know that the transformer oil filter has super filtration and purification effect, which can extend the service life of transformer oil.

The first dehydration effect does not need to be emphasized again, because one of the biggest functions of the transformer oil filter itself is dehydration effect, and the other is degassing. Dingneng brand new transformer oil vacuum oil filter has multi-stage design, built-in secondary evaporation interlayer, and special vacuum packing, which can increase the contact area of oil film and quickly separate water and gas in oil.

In addition to dehydration and degassing, the transformer oil filter also has the function of removing impurities. The high β value precision filter material of the transformer oil vacuum oil filter adopts multi-stage filtration and step-by-step densification to remove the fine particles in the oil. In the process of filtration and purification, transformer oil filter is equipped with automatic detection function of filter element pollution degree due to its large filter element volume, large pollution capacity and long service life. In the process of using transformer oil filter, it is estimated that the processing personnel can clearly see this point. In addition, many functions of transformer oil filter are expected to be understood thoroughly only by those who really use it.
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